5 Nov 2007

Communication breakthrough

How do you communicate with someone who can’t read, doesn’t speak your language and isn’t even interested in what you are saying? I have spent at least 20 sleepless nights pondering this dilemma.

Since my son was born about three weeks ago we have been having some pretty intensive discussions. There have been some misunderstandings (he gets frustrated when suckling on my shoulder doesn’t deliver a meal), have had some give and take, (he gives me dirty diapers – I take them to the trash), and finally achieved some breakthrough comprises (he goes to sleep on my shoulder just as the 9pm movie is getting starting on TV).

While I realize I am still at the beginning of this relationship, I have learned at least one thing from my new negotiating partner – good communication doesn’t depend on what words you use but rather on a common understanding. Understand who you are communicating with and what their needs are and everything will fall into place.

In the case of my son, I think we are on track to reach mutual understanding by 2027.



Unknown said...

Soooo true!

Anamma blog team said...

As he grows, his needs will change, not unlike your target audiences', and you'll have to forget everything you've learned about what makes him tick and re-learn the new signals he is sending. Over and over again.