18 Dec 2007

Blog meets journalism

For all of the cynics out there, here is Scott Karp at Publishing 2.0 making an interesting case for the blending boundaries between blogging and journalism:

On the face of it, the question of whether blogs can do journalism is absurd — like asking whether sites published on Vignette can do journalism. A blog,
after all, is just a content management system — revolutionary because it made web-native publishing free and easy for anyone — but at the end of the day still just a CMS.

So it would seem the answer to the question is an emphatic YES — IF the blog CMS is used by a journalist. Saul Hansel is one of the “bloggers” for The New York Times Bits blog, and I don’t think anyone would question whether Saul is a journalist, or that lowers his standards when he switches from the New York Times print newspaper to its blog CMS, ergo, blogs CAN do journalism.

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