4 Jan 2008

Spreading the good news

Cataclysmic predictions for global warming, concerns of a new recession, political unrest in Burma, Pakistan and Kenya, and the release of a new Britney Spears album – you can safely say that we did not hear a lot of good news in 2007. But was 2007 really that terrible, I mean aside from the Britney Spears release? It could just be that we communicators have done a terrible job of spreading the good news.

News by its very nature is generally not about the plane that lands, rather the one that doesn’t. The Good News Network however is one news organization that is committed to reporting “positive news that can improve our lives and bring emotional well-being, health and even prosperity.” Their top news story for 2007: a New York City construction worker who saved the life of a man who had fallen onto the tracks by himself jumping down and holding them both safely BENEATH an oncoming train (see video).

My favorite story is about the lost New Zealand cat that travelled 150km for four months to find its way back to its owner. Let this furry, Kiwi friend of ours be an inspiration not give up the search to find something positive in this existence of ours.


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