25 Sept 2008

Chicago Tribune crawling all over social media

Report from Colm O'Callaghan on the final day of the Folio Show in Chicago.


The Chicago Tribune newspaper apparently employs four to five people full-time to promote the newspapers content on social networking sites.

Yep, four or five people working full-time promoting articles and stories from the Chicago Tribune on everything from Flickr to Facebook to Twitter. And the Chicago Tribune is not the only one - they're all at it in this country in a bid to drive traffic to their websites.

The Chicago Tribune is THE newspaper in Chicago with a loyal audience but they, like so many others, have clearly realized that there's no loyalty on the web and they need to get publicity for their articles through social networking sites.

So, how free are these sites going to be in the future? Will they get inundated with tips and recommendations to good articles on websites and will we mind, or will we just find new ways to form our own ad-free groups.

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Anonymous said...

Imagine how powerful a news tip seems when coming from your facebook "friend". Are you more likely to read it? Maybe the first time you get the notification, but after multiple times I think most people will be reaching for the IGNORE ALL button.

Anonymous said...

I guess it depends on how they spin it. I presume they've also started up groups within various social media sites so that people ARE interested in the articles in question and now have a place to find this information. It's an interesting development one way or the other.