22 Apr 2009

Act now, enjoy now

My friends, a family of five, live in an expensive, albeit crowded apartment in downtown Stockholm. They say they envy the simple townhouse in the suburbs where my family of five lives – the space, the nature, and the garage – and would love to have something similar, but they’re waiting. They’ve been waiting a long time.

Our home isn’t my dream house, but it suits us and we enjoy planting flowers in the front garden or reading the newspaper in pyjamas in our secluded courtyard. The only difference between my friend and me is that, like a pair of running shoes, we just did it. Communication is like that.

You can wait forever until conditions are just right to send out your message. Or you can just get it out there and enjoy the benefits, even if they are small. That’s part of the attraction with blogging, twittering or publishing short web articles. You don’t have to say everything; it doesn’t have to reach everyone; you don’t need to make a total commitment. Too often marketing and communication people want to have every piece in place before releasing anything. If you wait and hope to get the biggest bang for your buck then you’ll miss all the ten-cent opportunities, whose value can be much greater than any calculated bang.

Don’t wait for the right interest rates, neighbourhood, floor planning or evening sun. Make the move, say what you want to say today and see what happens – you don’t even have to wear pyjamas if you don’t want to.


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