30 Apr 2010

Making it up as they go along

The blogosphere has grown out of all proportion. It seems impossible at this stage to count how many blogs exist in the world today. Technorati was tracking 112 million blogs in early 2008. Nobody counts any more.

And quite a lot are blogs about blogs or blogs about social media. We’re all shouting about the same thing. The social media guru video here
is not that dissimilar to the Monty Python scene from Life of Brian with all those prophets trying to attract the public’s attention.

The notion that everyone is a publisher is an attractive one but it also means that everyone is just as ignored as they once were given the numbers. We still want to be able to filter down our choices to manage this onslaught of info.

The only thing we really know is that we don’t know how things are going to develop, despite the convincing tones of so many.

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