30 Aug 2007

Hiding in your cubical

A recent chat over the proverbial water cooler (Italian-made espresso machine) got me thinking. The topic was Swedish dailies on the net and the comments section following articles.

The consensus is that the comments are always far more interesting than the articles themselves. Obviously, the writing is compelling. It’s often provocative and sometimes insulting. And it is anonymous. OK, sometimes names such as Magnus, Erik and Anna accompany the posts, but tjoohoo83 tells us just as much about who is picking a virtual fight.

Everyone is a would-be writer (myself included) and never before have there been so many places to express ones self. Understanding the human psyche that compels tjoohoo83 to trash a journalist’s article requires an advanced degree in head shrinking. That’s one degree I do not have. What I do know is that ever so slight buzz I get from reading and even participating in an online discussion that could be read by anyone.


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Anamma blog team said...

Hello, interesting. Looks good with the picture byline, I think.