3 Sept 2007

Morsan ser dig på Facebooken

Överallt hör man det: facebook, facebook. Har du facebook än?

Själv blev jag indragen av norska kompisar under semestern. När jag kollar in deras profiler på facebook.com har de ofta hundratals vänner att underhålla. I Sverige har facebook-febern just tagit fart.

Grundidén med facebook är att man letar reda på vilka vänner som finns inne på facebook, att man ömsesidigt accepterar varandra som vänner, och därefter kan hålla kontakten i den mån man själv vill i grupper eller helt privat. Men nu under förälskelsefasen är det få som tänker på att skydda sin egen integritet.

I artikeln Mamma ser dig... i NorrköpingsTidningar tar skribenten upp några oväntade aspekter av en community där ungdomar och vuxna plötsligt ska samsas på samma arena.
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Anonymous said...

Hi Eva. You know, there's a counterargument to the teenager or young adult who's worried about his or her mother or aunt becoming friends with them in facebook. I mean, what if you don't want your mother to call you every week and ask you how you are; now you can direct her to Facebook and she can stay more involved without the 20 questions via the telephone.
Just a thought. Personally, I'd really like my mother to get a Facebook account so that I can see how she's getting on and she can see what I'm up to without it being any big deal. It's an ideal forum for staying in touch with friends on a more passive level.
Now, when your boss starts using Facebook and wants you as a friend; there could be some issues there, depending on the kind of manager you have.

Anamma blog team said...

Absolutely, and vise versa. And what about employees suddenly having a chance to start tracking what their bosses are up to.
I also heard from a norwegian with 225 friends that she had encounter difficulties with making "friends" when old school mates started to request friendship you may never have had, and you don't like to hurt them by rejecting.

I think Facebook is a great idea, with all the levels of privacy etc. but it is of course smart to think twice before you publish yourself too widely.

Anamma blog team said...

And soon your Facebook profile will be searchable which means something entirely dirreferent to those of us out their with unusual names.

Anonymous said...

I think that is scary. It's easier to feel safe if your are among thousands with the same name. I know one guy that actually renamed from an unusual name to his mother's name before marriage, Anderson or Andersson, because of this.