19 Oct 2007

Fail, fail, fail . . . . succeed

In order to succeed, you must dare to fail. That’s what I took away from a seminar yesterday. Annika Lidne discussed how and why social media should be an integral part of any company’s communication activities.

What struck me as most poignant was daring to fail. Too often we see companies afraid to make a move that hasn’t been market-researched to death, that doesn’t require a four-year development cycle, or that may only meet some of their needs.

When it comes to social media, the sites/ tools we are familiar with (Facebook, LinkedIn, SecondLife, del.icio.us, Blogger, Wordpress, YouTube, Technorati, flickr, Wikipedia) are just a fraction of the thousands of sites, communities, portals and tools that have been tried with varying degrees of success.

You don’t need to get it right the first time, but you have to take a chance. Social media is happening now and it is nothing to fear.

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