5 Feb 2008

New industry demands

People working with communications need to keep their eyes open to the quickly changing industry and be prepared to adapt to stay competitive. The messages your company needs to communicate have stayed the same over time, but the ways your target audience receive the messages have changed completely.

This American job ad shows that an employee’s social media activities are more important than their traditional communications skills:

She (or he) created her Facebook profile well before any of her buddies did, then encouraged them all to join, and now has 700 friends on Facebook. She writes her own blog where she talks about her favorite bands. She loves to experiment with new ways to drive traffic to her blog. She's read David Meerman Scott’s book The New Rules of Marketing & PR, and is passionate about combining her love for social media with her work by applying the new rules in a B2B marketing environment.
David Meerman Scott invites people to add to the list of qualifications to create a profile of a new industry professional.

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