26 Mar 2008

The blog ghetto

Media channels around the internet still don't get that there is a revolution going on. If they did, they wouldn't be banishing blogs and other user-centric content off into hard-to-find corners of their traditionally structured web pages.

The blog ghetto (a great term I read on the media-analysis blog, Publishing 2.0) exemplifies that many information channels still have not embraced Web 2.0. Most treat user-centric content on traditionally structured news sites are exist as a footnote, something attune to a nerdy little brother. Probably there is a fear about completely handing over the reins to the audience: User-defined content, you see gives readers the power to decide what is important.

There still is a strong argument for an centralized and independent approach to editorial content but those principles can be combined with greater audience participation. Publishing 2.0 suggests something as simple as publishing news in a blog-typical, chronological format. Germany's Der Speigel is a good example but even they don't allow the audience a dialog on their main pages.


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