28 Mar 2008

Sponsor my blog?

I follow many blogs and they each serve a purpose for me. Some are work-related, others are written by mothers of young children or budding amateur chefs, and one or two are for pure inspiration. What they all have in common is a humorous and somewhat quirky writing style.

Nobody epitomizes that better than blogger Bossy. I Am Bossy is over-the-top humor, full of rip-roaring laughs, but with a subtle glaze of historical reference. The fact that she’s based in the tiny hometown I left 13 years ago is an added bonus.

As one of my favorite bloggers heads off on a road trip across the US, she is doing so in four separate vehicles sponsored by a major car manufacturer.

So, I asked myself: Does this make Bossy any less funny? Credible? Likable? No. Does this change my interest in reading this blog? No. Will I still read her blog if it is covered in ads for cars? Um . . . no.

Time will tell.

Image from I Am Bossy

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