4 Apr 2008

The glass IS half empty

More dire signs from the US-news industry: both Time and Newsweek have reported that their advertising pages decreased by about 7 percent during 2007 according to the Wall Street Journal.

Speaking to a group of 100 Columbia University students, Newsweek’s Editor-In-Chief, Jon Meacham says:
"It's an incredible frustration that I've got some of the most decent, hard-working, honest, passionate, straight-shooting, non-ideological people who just want to tell the damn truth, and how to get this past this image that we're just middlebrow, you know, a magazine that your grandparents get, or something, that's the challenge".

He continues, "And I just don't know how to do it, so if you've got any ideas, tell me." He must have left his rose-tinted glasses at the office.


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