15 Sept 2008

Inspiration when you need it most

Cold dark days have struck Stockholm and summer memories are nothing more than jpegs on your hard drive. What better time to look for some inspiration. No, not brochures for sunny holiday destinations, but interesting commentary on what is happening in the industry.

Beyond Niche Marketing
No nonsense advice for anyone working within marketing and advertising. Guest posts maintain a mix of subjects from The Six Biggest Mistakes in Marketing to Is Advertising Fundamentality Deceptive?

Influential Marketing Blog
Marketing with a social media twist for communicators and marketers. A recent post, Kellogg’s Proves Why People Hate Marketers, pokes fun at the industry from a father’s perspective.

Content Matters
This is for people who are well entrenched in the social media sphere, who know who is who and want to keep track of influential blogs.

Corporate Hallucinations
I wish this blog was updated more frequently with hysterically funny commentary on corporate communications. But, alas, we’ll have to wait for Steve’s schedule to slow down before we can enjoy more ramblings about urinals, networking and CEOs getting it all wrong.

Media Culpa
Here’s a look at Swedish media, PR and a fair bit of social media, written in English.

Web Ink Now
This is a must-have in the RSS reader of any communicator interested in social media, viral marketing and online communication. I particularly enjoyed Gobbledygook banned by English and Welsh local authorities.

Neville is a digital immigrant who embraces everything social media. He is an active blogger and a Twitter addict.

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