9 Oct 2008

Word to yer’ blog!

New marketing, brand journalism, social media marketing – these are a few of the terms pundits are throwing around to define our new communications reality. However, I think hip- hop pioneers, Run DMC, summed it up quite nicely with one simple, four-letter substantive: Word! This is the new communications mantra.

In the old days you had to pay big money to get your content published. Today, however, all you need is good, compelling content. Just look at popular blog sites such as the Huffington Post or Tech Crunch. They came from practically nowhere by consistently putting out really engaging material.

OK, new media tools such as RSS and blogging functionality have played a big role but it is amazing how the tides have shifted from content placement to just plain good content. On the blog site, Web Ink Now, you can listen to a couple of new media experts discuss this phenomenon and why they think marketing these days is more like journalism than advertising.


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