12 Nov 2009

What's your brand?

We often talk about corporate brands and share of voice, but not enough people think about their personal brand. Your personal brand is made up of all of the noise you make and is made about you online. It could be Google searches, Facebook updates or the Twitter categories people put you in.

If you run your own company, you already know this. Or, you should. But for those of us that are employed it’s worth thinking about the impact (positive and negative) that our brand has on our employer.

In 10 Personal Branding Predictions for 2010, Dan Schawbel, analyzes trends that affect anyone interested in a new job, a raise or a snapshot of how their brand is perceived.

1. Transparency across the web from social networks to search engines and back
2. More people understanding their brand
3. The new employment contract
4. Your voice becomes stronger than your resume
5. People being forced to take niches
6. Video becomes a brand-standard
7. Monetization through branding becomes clear
8. Social media being used more for career development
9. More people working for free to build brand equity
10. Online identities becoming as routine as employer drug tests


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