7 May 2010

Celebrating curiousity

We threw a bit of money Hyper Island's way a while back. Their digital media students needed some sponsorship for a project they were working on and we thought the project was kind of cool and in line with our own thinking.

And now they've just launched Whydeo. Whydeo.com is a site where you ask a question via your webcam and get an answer from someone else in the world via their webcam. So, anyone can ask any question and someone, somewhere will hopefully pick it up and supply an answer.

I really don't know if its going to work and neither does the digital media class at Hyper Island. But I don't really care and I don't think they do either. The point is that they're not afraid to experiment. They're willing to try and fail. And this openness and energy is quite inspiring.

If we all weigh up the odds on everything we do and take no risks and never try, then we'll get absolutely nowhere. Did anybody think SMS would take off? Not a soul.

And in the communications landscape today, the only thing we definitely know is that we don't know how things are going to develop so it's worth taking a few risks and doing a few experiments.

And based on that rationale, the Hyper Island digital media class is worth saluting for coming up with this crossover between Twitter and Chat Roulette. We'll see as time goes on if it takes off or not.

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