9 Aug 2010

Never stop repeating your message

The dentists chair is a somewhat unlikely place to be given a refresher course in communications.

But in the 25 minutes of this Summer's visit, the friendly dentist told me on no less than five occasions that I really should use dental floss.

It's an occupational hazard that you monitor the communicative abilities of just about everyone you encounter and this dentist was no exception. She was a superstar. She had one primary message and hammered it home by telling me five times in five different ways the virtues of dental floss.

Changing someone's behaviour is quite a communications challenge. My dentist had less than half an hour to make an impression strong enough to change my behaviour. She did it by clear and repetitive communication. It was primarily a 30 minute communications assignment she had that day

Am I flossing? Well. I've bought the stuff and got it tangled in my teeth a few times so we're getting there.

Colm O'Callaghan is JG Communication’s Head of Operations so when he’s not blogging he’s looking after the day to day business at this wonderful communicaitons agency.
So, who’s JG Communication? We’re Sweden’s largest and, we think, ‘leading’ communications agency in Sweden. We help our clients have conversations with the people that matter most to them using the tools that matter most to us, words, sound and vision.

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Omer Rosenbaum said...

It is because of the massage is given by a person you trust its knowledge. Once the client holds that concept you can sell him sand.

Anamma blog team said...

Good point Omer. Credibility is certainly an important factor. If you don't have that, then the message won't go through at all. But I still think that her ability to repeat the message so many times was what made me remember it. To believe it, I need to hear it once from a credible source. To actually act on it, I need to hear it again and again and again.

I just checked out your blog by the way. Interesting stuff. What can we say about the communications surrounding Icelandic goalscorers eh?

Omer Rosenbaum said...

The Icelandic team buzz is amazing, too bad they didn't any help from a professional marketer that could have monetize their exposure and develop their brand.