21 Feb 2008


While I’m for opening up the media landscape (see last posting), it’s not all a bed of roses. Only recently it was announced that Microsoft put in an offer to purchase Yahoo. The merger (if successful) would be the internet industry’s biggest since the ill-fated union of AOL and Time Warmer in 2000. It also gives the EPIC 2015 clip doing the rounds even further poignancy.

The EPIC 2015 video portrays a not-too-distant future in which Google and Amazon have joined forces to create Googlezon – an online behemoth that provides total customization of content and advertising based on the combination of Google’s search technology teamed with Amazon’s social recommendation engine. Googlezon draws on a huge repository of personal information including social networks, demographics, and buying and reading habits to create customized content and advertising. In turn, it paints a picture of a future where content is generated with minimal human input. In essence, Googlezon “screen scrapes” a multitude of online sources and repackages content based on individual profiles. The fourth estate’s fortunes have waned and the Wall Street Journal goes offline in feeble protest. The print edition is produced only for the elite and the elderly. Something to think about while you are enjoying your personalized media ….

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