24 Apr 2008

It’s a boy!

The mash-up is another wacky phenomenon to come out of the Web 2.0 craze. For those of you who haven’t created your own ringtone or music mix, the mash-up refers to the activity of gleaning bits and pieces of existing digital content and then splicing them together into a personalized potpourri.

The mash-up is spawning a whole new type of creativity that hasn’t been witnessed before in the digital world. It’s all made possible by a host of new fangled Web 2.0 tools like Datamashups.com and Dapper that allow PC and mobile users to easily upload and mix digital images, music and videos. The result can be groundbreaking or just plain weird as with the Baby Maker.

With that tool, I found out what would happen if Robert De Niro and I decided to have a baby. Don’t tell my wife please.

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