12 Jun 2008

Mobile bling-bling

Last week, Steve Jobs promised to make the iPhone accessible to the masses. Far from being a philanthropist, Jobs realizes there is a boatload of money to be made. ABI Research estimates that companies spent USD 3 billion on mobile advertising during 2007 alone and by 2011 that figure will rise to USD 19 billion.

The mobile revolution is changing the way we think about communication and Jobs knows it probably better than anyone. Conservative estimates suggest that by 2009 there will be 55 million iPhone users around the world.

In a feature in AdWeek, mobile advertising expert, Paran Johar called the mobile web, the “internet on steroids”. This is because of its highly personalized nature giving users exactly what they want, when they want it. “The holy grail for brands,” Johar says.

But the mobile channel can not just be another place to push the same old content. Relevancy is essential and if you are not giving users a unique mobile experience you are probably wasting you money. And with 19 billion greenbacks soon to be floating around the mobile ad space, there is plenty of opportunity to flush it down the drain.


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