14 Sept 2010

You don’t need to fly to get noticed

I heard a radio podcast where people could choose a “superpower” and say what they’d do with it. One guy says he’d like to be able to fly, so he could zip to the bar then home again. A woman would like to be able to be invisible and go to the cinema for free. Nobody says they’d use their superpowers for good.

Communication is a power – if not a superpower – and one that every company and every person possesses. So how are you and your business using your powers? To tell the world that you hate Mondays, that you like some obscure 70s band, or that you’re enjoying a glass of red wine; or to share insight, strengthen a brand, or connect with customers?

A communication company can’t teach you to be invisible, but it can help you learn to use your powers for good, rather than for mundane status updates.

//Kris Walmsley

Kris Walmsley is a senior consultant at JG Communication, working primarily with web-based communication. He likes using analogies to explain things to his children and other intelligent people.

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Best thing I've read about social media ... ever